Jobs dashboard overview


The jobs dashboard is the main hub of your account. All members will be able to access it but will see different information based on their assigned jobs and access level

Your hiring at a glance

Here you can see the stages of the recruiting pipeline of each job you are part of and get a quick overview of how your hiring progress. See the number of candidates within each stage as they move from Sourced or Applied to Hired. Click on any stage on a job's pipeline to easily access the candidates' timelines within that job. 

You can also see how the job appears on your careers page by clicking the relevant link below the recruiting pipeline and access the list of the free job boards suitable for this post. 


Note: Users of the accounts with enabled Hiring Plan can switch between the default and the Hiring Plan dashboard at the top left of their view. The number of open requisitions associated with active jobs is displayed next to the job's location. 


Customize your view

Optimize the dashboard by rearranging the way your jobs are displayed. Filter the jobs by department or location and group them accordingly by status or other options. You can opt to include or exclude the draft jobs from your view anytime by clicking on the relevant link and the floppy-disk icon to save the updated view. To reset the saved filters, click on the X button and return to the default view. 

Search for jobs efficiently by typing any keywords in the search bar. The results include draft, active and archived jobs. Star any job you frequently use to move it right at the top of your dashboard for easy access. This also applies to the Talent Pool, which once starred will be located before all jobs. 


Access key job functions  

Click on the Find Candidates button at the top right of the recruiting pipeline of each job to access more options specific to that post.  

Furthermore, next to the status button of each job you can find the job dropdown menu. Click on the three dots to select key actions for each job from editing it and changing its status to adding candidates and viewing reports.  


To return to the jobs dashboard at any time, click on Jobs or select the Workable logo at the top left of the navigation bar.