Organizing and filtering the job dashboard


You can organize the jobs on the main dashboard with search, filtering and favoriting options. All organization options are personal - they are not applied to the whole account.


At the top left of your list of jobs, you'll see a search option. Start typing and Workable will show the results as you type. 



To the top right of the page are the filters. Use the filter links to isolate jobs by department, location, or stage in alphabetical order. With the group tab you can differentiate jobs with the same name by location or department. You’ll also see the option to include or exclude draft jobs from your dashboard:


Here we've filtered to group jobs by department.

Click the floppy disc icon to save your filter. Filters are only saved for the computer you're currently using. If you save a filter on your work computer, you may need to reapply the filter when using Workable on your home computer.

Click the X to clear the filter.

Favorited / Pinned Jobs

To see priority jobs at the top of the dashboard, click the star to the left of a job title. This will pin it to the top of the page. It will stay there until you click the star again to unpin it, or until you archive the job when the position is filled.

If multiple jobs are starred they'll appear in alphabetical order.


Personalized admin view

Administrators can join and leave the hiring team for a job from the dashboard. Hover on a job and click Join this job to access the hiring pipeline and the job’s candidates on the dashboard. 


If you're already on the hiring team for a job, click the three dots and select Leave job to remove yourself from the hiring team. The job will still be available on the dashboard but will appear with a truncated view. You can rejoin at any time and can always access the candidates through your database.