Candidate profile overview


Every candidate in Workable has a candidate profile. This is where you can review a candidate's resume and application details. It’s also a place for action; add comments, send emails, invite candidates for interviews or move them on to the next stage in the pipeline.

How to find candidate profiles

Every job in Workable has its own recruiting pipeline, accessed via the dashboard. You’ll see at a glance how many active candidates are under consideration for each stage in the process:


To review candidates for a specific job, find the job you need on the dashboard and click the correct stage in the pipeline. This will open the candidate browser to show you all the candidates for this job and at this stage. If you’re looking for a specific candidate you could also search your candidate database, by clicking ‘candidates’ in the top menu.

The candidate browser

The candidate browser is divided into three main sections:


  • Recruiting pipeline: this is across the top of the page. The stage you’re viewing is highlighted and you can view candidates at other stages by clicking on the stage name
  • Candidate list: this is to the left of the page, and shows a complete list of candidates for this stage and job. You’ll see the information shown in the main part of the page corresponds to the candidate highlighted in this list. Click a different name to view the details for that candidate. You can also use the tabs to switch the view from qualified to disqualified candidates.
  • Candidate profile: this is the main part of the page.

The tool bar

The toolbar can be found at the top of every candidate profile. It contains fast access to the actions you want to take next.


The most common actions are on display permanently. From left to right these are:

  • Email a candidate
  • Schedule an event
  • Add a comment
  • Evaluate a candidate
  • Disqualify a candidate
  • Move them on to another stage in the recruiting pipeline

Clicking the three dots of the left of the toolbar opens a menu to reveal more candidate actions.


These additional actions are:

  • Copy or move a candidate
  • Snooze a candidate
  • Share a candidate
  • Edit a candidate
  • Delete a candidate
  • Request a background check (active in the later pipeline stages only)

If you integrate your Workable account with one of the assessment providers or HRISes we're partnered with then you may see extra icons in certain stages. These icons will let you send an assessment to a candidate or export the candidate to your HRIS.

The candidate

Reviewing candidates using the browser is easy; information is automatically gathered in the same way for every profile.


Just under the toolbar, you’ll see the candidate name, and if provided, the candidate’s ‘headline’ (the candidate’s current job title). Displaying the photo is an option that can be turned on or off in your recruiting preferences. You can also add and view tags to make searching for specific details faster.

At the top right of this section under the green button, you’ll see a small, diagonal arrow icon. Clicking this will make the profile full screen. This view is useful in candidate interviews if you’re using a scorecard. Review the candidate’s resume to ask more informed questions, and take notes on the same screen. 


The Timeline is a record of:

  • team communication
  • evaluations
  • scheduled events
  • emails with the candidate
  • scorecards for interviews


To receive notifications of new activity (follow/unfollow a candidate) click the [+] button.

If a candidate has applied for more than one job, you will also see that detailed in the timeline.


Evaluation Tab


At every stage of the pipeline, hiring team members can leave an evaluation. This is a simple rating (definitely/yes/no) and a comment. Evaluations are shown on the candidate’s timeline, but also accessible via the evaluations tab for a more focused view.

If you’ve created an interview kit and scorecard for the assessment stage, you can also view the results from each member of the hiring team individually and in aggregate.

Files Tab


If someone in the hiring team has attached a file to a comment, a file tab will be displayed. This makes it easy to jump straight to the files you need and means there’s no need to hunt through the candidate timeline. These files could be anything from a candidate resume to the results of an assignment.

Candidate Profile

The profile lists all the information provided by the candidate when they applied for the job: work experience, education, skills and matches to any keywords included in your opening. You might have received this information when they applied directly through Workable or when you added resumes to this position. If you or the candidate uploaded a resume file, you’ll see that displayed here.


In addition, this is also where you will find contact details for the candidate. You can include multiple emails addresses and phone numbers, but one of each will be listed as the ‘primary’. When you email a candidate, the primary email address will be selected automatically.

The option to view automatically sourced social profiles is also available.


In this section, you’ll find the answers to any screening questions asked on the application form.

And finally, you’ll see the source of the candidate and the option to print the resume.