How do I schedule a multi-part interview? [Annual]


When scheduling an on-site interview or meeting you’re able to add multiple time slots to that event. These multi-part events are helpful for longer interviews with multiple interviewers.


Here we’ve planned 2 time slots over the course of 120 minutes. The candidate will meet with different interviewers for each time slot.

Click + Add time slot to add more time slots to an event. Include topics for particular time slots to provide the candidate (and interviewer) with context.

Time slots can be added without any attendees/interviewers. This can be helpful if you need to schedule a time for the candidate to have a break.

If you enable Workable’s Google or Outlook calendar integrations you’ll also be able to reserve rooms and check coworker availability.

To remove a time slot click the trashcan icon to the right of its details.

When you send out the event invite, the candidate will receive all the details of each event in an email. The coworkers you’ve invited will receive email invitations to their specific time slot along with their topic details. The candidate and interviewers can RSVP Yes, Maybe or No directly from the email.


A link to an auto-generated event landing page is also included in the email. The landing page (above) will show the candidate and the interviewer(s) details of the event. It also includes a map of the local area so that the candidate can generate directions and easily find your office.