What is People Search?


People Search is a search engine for candidates. Search for skills, job titles or names and People Search automatically scours millions of profiles from multiple data sources in real-time. The information it finds is organized into a single, unified candidate profile. Depending on the candidate, you’ll see information including resume, contact details and more. Add these candidates directly to your hiring pipelines and engage them for recruitment.

People Search is different from simply searching through candidates who are already in your account. It enables you to find passive candidates: those who haven't applied for jobs at your company. When you find a great candidate you can add them to one of the jobs you're hiring for. Reach out to them at your convenience to introduce your company and the job.


People Search supports boolean search terms. Add the words AND, OR, NOT to refine your search.


Search results will appear on the left side of the screen.

Important: Each individual search result counts as one profile towards your profile quota.

When you find someone who would be a good fit, click on the search result to view their full profile. The full profile will show resume and education details, contact information, links to social media accounts and more.

For some profiles, you'll see Likelihood to Move and Market Compensation data. Click on those buttons to view the information. Likelihood to Move shows how likely the candidate is to be receptive to a new job opportunity. Market Compensation shows a percentile distribution for what the candidate's current salary might be.



Add candidates to Workable / Download the profile

At the bottom of every profile, you’ll see a green + (plus) button.

Tap this button to reveal a panel where you can ‘clip’ the profile into your Workable account. The candidate’s information will be pulled into your account for the job you choose. Candidates are not notified when you do this. Alternatively, download the full profile as a PDF.


You can also choose to act as a referral for the candidate and to leave a comment which will be stored in the candidate’s profile once they are added to your account.