Workable plans and pricing


Pay As You Go

Access our essential recruiting features, only when you need them. Billed at $99 per active job, per month, it’s a flexible option priced perfectly for those with short-term or occasional hiring needs. Learn more about purchasing and managing jobs on a Pay As You Go plan.

Essential features:

  • 200+ Free & Premium job boards and 700+ job description templates
  • Branded careers page with mobile-friendly application forms
  • Email & calendar sync
  • Top-rated mobile Apps (iOS / Android)
  • Offer letters with e-signatures
  • Interview kits and scorecards
  • Award-winning phone, email & chat support
  • Automated passive candidate outreach
  • 40+ third-party integrations, including background checks and assessments

Annual Plan

Access our full suite of talent acquisition and applicant tracking features, including premium add-ons, to find and hire the people you need to grow, all year long. Annual plans are billed annually with pricing tailored to your organization. Talk to us for a quote or a product tour.

Additional features include:

  • 400 million searchable candidate profiles
  • AI-powered, one-click candidate sourcing
  • Self-scheduling and multi-part interviews
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Hiring Plan: Requisition and budget planning, tracking and management
  • GDPR & EEO/OFCCP compliance and reporting
  • External recruiter portal
  • Offer letters and approval workflows
  • API access and data export
  • Workable Referrals: Advanced referrals and internal job platform
  • Custom pipelines
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Customizable candidate profiles
  • Hiring team rights and roles
  • Dedicated account manager
  • VIP Support 

Legacy Plans

Workable has a number of legacy plans that are no longer offered to new customers. Existing customers with these plans are able to keep the pricing and features indefinitely unless your hiring needs require moving to one of our current plans.

Read-Only (Free)

If you've ended your subscription or trial with Workable, your account will be placed on a Read-Only plan. There is no cost for this plan, but you will not be able to post jobs or interact with candidates. You will only be able to view candidate data for candidates that are already in your account.


Our 15-day trial plan enables you to access the features of our Pay As You Go plan. You'll be able to setup a hiring pipeline, post jobs and interact with applicants. Once the trial has ended you can select the plan that best fits your hiring needs.

For more info on your current plan with Workable, you can access the Plan section of the main menu. You need to be a Super Admin of the account to do this.