Using tags


Add tags to easily filter and identify promising candidates with a particular skillset. Tags are searchable and can help you quickly understand a candidate's qualifications for a job.

To add a tag to a candidate, click + add tag at the top of their profile. Type in the keyword or phrase that you want to add and hit enter to save it.


You can also add a tag when you leave a comment. While adding your comment type '#' and then the tag that you'd like to add. Save the comment and the tag will be added automatically.


Tags are visible to all members of the hiring team. You can search for and filter candidates based on tags in the Candidate Database. If you are viewing a pipeline stage, you can search by tags in the list of candidates on the left side of the screen.


You might want to add tags based on skills, experience level or software knowledge.

For example, we can tag someone with: #media #sales #5years #salesforce

If you and your team add tags consistently you can quickly find candidates who might be a good fit for future jobs.