How do I fill out a candidate evaluation or interview scorecard?


To evaluate a candidate or fill out an interview scorecard, locate the candidate's profile in Workable. Click the thumbs up/down button to submit an evaluation. Each member of the hiring team can leave one evaluation for the candidate per stage. All Workable users who have access to the job can see each others' evaluations.


Clicking the evaluation button will open an evaluation form or scorecard on the candidate's Timeline. The basic evaluation form asks you to rate the candidate with a star, thumbs up or thumbs down rating, depending on how interested you are in moving the candidate to the next stage in the pipeline.


If an interview kit and scorecard has been created for the current stage, it will appear when you click the evaluation button. You can switch to the basic form or back to the scorecard by clicking the link at the top to switch evaluation modes.


Using a scorecard will enable you to rate candidates on specific topics. Hover over and click on a topic or question to add notes for that part of the interview.

You can also access scorecards for upcoming interviews by navigating to your Agenda in Workable. Click the calendar icon in the black toolbar at the top of the screen to access your Agenda.