Creating an interview kit


When you’re hiring as a team you need accessible, actionable feedback. Create an interview kit for a structured hiring process and ensure that every candidate is assessed accurately and consistently:

  • All candidates are asked the same questions, in the same order
  • Responses are evaluated via a scorecard using a consistent rating scale
  • The scorecards you create are automatically attached to the appropriate stage of the candidate’s profile, accessible by the whole team
  • Feedback is gathered on the candidate profile, where the team can review and take action

Interview kits are added to a job in the Assessments section of the job editor. Kits can be made for draft, published or internal positions. 


You can create interview kits for the following stage types in your hiring pipeline: Phone Screen, Assessment, Interview.

Select one of your stages from the dropdown menu to begin:


On the screen that follows, choose Interview Kit and Scorecard. Options for creating or importing interview kits will appear:



You can create a kit from scratch, import a kit from your Templates or create a kit automatically based on the job requirements. All these options are available as you continue to put the kit together.

Interview kit structure

Interview kits are divided into multiple sections to provide a structure for interviews and standardize feedback for easier review. Each section relates to specific sets of skills, personality traits or requirements that you’re looking to assess:


Sections are made up of:

  1. A section title (this is also the template name)
  2. One or more skills, traits or requirements
  3. One or more evaluation questions (optional)

In the above example, we created a section called "Business Skills". We're assessing "Commercial Awareness" and "Entrepreneurial Spirit" with a few questions. We could add more skills/questions to this section, or add another section entirely.

Once an interview kit is created you’ll be able to record in-depth evaluations or quickly rate candidates with thumbs up/thumbs down ratings.

Editing and saving an interview kit

 When you've added some questions to your kit, further editing options will appear to the right.


Create new sections or import questions from other parts of your account:

  • If the Rate Questions switch is set to ON, interviewers will be able to leave a rating for every single item/line in the interview kit.
  • If Rate Questions is OFF, interviewers will only be able to rate subsections (skills, traits, requirements).
  • If in doubt, you can always preview your interview kit, via the link on the right-hand side.

To edit or delete sections of the interview kit, hover over the section and click the pencil (edit) or trash can (delete) icon. Be sure to save your changes after editing.

Interview kits will be available as a scorecard when evaluating candidates in the relevant stage.