Why is my job 'in review'?


As soon as you click "Publish" in the job editor, your posting will automatically enter the review queue, where our experienced specialists will thoroughly check it so that everything matches the job boards posting guidelines.

Job boards set their own rules for what they will and will not accept in a post, but you don't have to worry about it as our team will review your job post and ensure you get the best visibility possible.

This will usually only take a few hours and will be expedited once your jobs consistently pass the review process.

Please keep in mind that Workable also reviews your account setup the first time you post a job via our tool and might request some documentation in rare cases where we cannot verify your business. This additional verification is required only once for verification purposes only.

How will I know the review status and if I need to fix the job description?

After we complete the review of your posting, you will receive an email either confirming that the job has been approved and has been sent to the job boards, or stating the things that you should update in your Company profile or in the job description.

If your post needs further updates, you will find the rejection reasons above the job editor. Make the necessary amendments, hit "Publish" and we will review the posting again.

What if my job has been rejected? 

In a very rare case where we were not able to whitelist your account or the job's nature doesn't meet the job boards guidelines, you will still be able to advertise your jobs on Workable branded Careers page and Workable widget, source and track your candidates in the platform and run the reporting you need.