Using Workable with multiple companies


If you're recruiting at multiple companies you can access them all with one set of login information by registering with the same email address.

Companies that you access with your Workable login are independent from each other. They each have their own users, configuration, permissions and billing.  All candidate and activity data is only visible to the members belonging to a specific account.  Adding yourself to multiple accounts does not link them in any way, other than providing you the convenience of jumping quickly from one account to the next.

Add a new company

To add a company, log in to your existing account and click your profile icon in the upper right corner. You’ll find the Add a Company option at the bottom of your settings list. Enter the company name and website, and Workable will create a new trial account, linked with your current user login. 

If you want other members to access the new company as well, you can invite them from the Account Members page.

Note: Each company requires its own subscription to a Workable plan.

Join an existing company

When you receive an invitation to join a Workable account, click the link that says Already have a Workable account? and sign in using the email address you already use with Workable.  If you're already logged in, this might happen automatically.

Switching between companies

When you are a user on multiple accounts, you can switch between them from the same menu.

The user below is accessing the Stark Industries company account but can switch to other companies like "Omnitec Co." by clicking on them.


Leaving a company

From your Personal Profile, scroll to the section called 'Edit your Credentials' and click Quit this Account.  This will remove all access to the company you're currently viewing, and it will be removed from your menu.

If you want to maintain access to the account but use a different email address to log in, you can ask your account administrator to invite you to your new email address.