Managing and removing account members


You must be a Super Admin to manage users.

To manage the job assignments, user roles or to remove someone from your Workable account entirely, click your profile icon in the upper right and select Account Members.


A list of all the users on your account will appear. Hover over any of the account members to reveal options:

  • Assign a People Search license
  • Manage membership
  • Delete

If you've purchased a People Search license you can assign it to a user from here. That user will receive their own pool for People Search profile views, which will refresh monthly. When a license has been assigned it can be revoked through this same method.

Manage a user's membership to change their access rights.

  • All access: Reserved for 'Super Admins' who can fully manage your Workable account.
  • Standard access: Reserved for users who help with the hiring process to different degrees. Some may be fully involved, emailing, evaluating and interacting with candidates and some may only leave evaluations and notes.
  • Limited access annual.png: Reserved for users who will only ever review resumes, leave internal evaluations and comments, and make referrals.

You can also assign them to the hiring team for multiple jobs at once and with a Workable Annual plan you can connect users to jobs in specific departments and/or locations. 


Select or unselect jobs based on the jobs that the user needs to be involved with. When a job is selected the user will be able to see and interact with candidates.

To the right of the job you can select a role for the user (e.g. Hiring Manager, Reviewer). The role will determine what permissions the user has for interacting with candidates. 

To delete a user, navigate to Account Members menu, hover over the user you need to remove from your account and click Delete:


Deleted user will no longer be able to log in, but all their comments/evaluations/messages and other activity associated with them will still be kept on candidates' timelines and in your reports.

Deleted users will appear at the very bottom of the Account Members page. Their account access can be restored from there if necessary:


Department / location assignments annual.png

With a Workable Annual plan, you can easily add users to jobs specific departments or locations. Access the Account Members section, hover on a user and click Manage Membership.

A form will appear where you can add department or location information for that user. Jobs in that department or location will be automatically selected for the user. You can set a hiring role for that user for all selected jobs.


For each individual job, you can edit the role with the dropdown menu. You can also add the user to other jobs outside of their department(s)/location(s) by individually selecting the checkbox next to those jobs.

Multiple departments and locations can be set for a user. Users can also have different default roles for different departments/locations. E.g. a user might be a Hiring Manager in the Engineering department and a Reviewer in the Operations department because they make hiring decisions for Engineering jobs, but only leave evaluations/feedback for Operations jobs.

If either the department or location field is blank then all the jobs for the department or location respectively will be selected. E.g. a blank department with a “Boston, MA” location would mean that the jobs in Boston are selected for the user.

Set a broad location to add the user to jobs in a big region. The location could be set to “Canada” and the user will be added to all jobs in Canada, even though the jobs themselves are likely to be in specific offices (e.g. “Vancouver, Canada”, "Halifax, Canada"). 


When a user is assigned to certain departments or locations they will also be recommended hiring team members when new jobs are created in those departments/locations. The recommendation is optional, the user is not automatically added to new jobs in a department/location and it is not mandatory that they are added: Learn more

External Recruiters annual.png

If you have a Workable Annual plan, you can also manage external recruiters on your account. From Account Members, click the 'External recruiters' tab.

Hover over the recruiter to edit their information or remove them from the account.


Add notes that might be helpful for your internal team. You can also move recruiters to a job's hiring team, giving them access to that job and the ability to upload candidates.