Single Sign-on (SSO) Overview [Annual]


With the Workable Annual plan, you can connect your single sign-on (SSO) provider to your Workable account. If you set up this connection, users will need to use your SSO provider to sign in to Workable.

Workable integrates with SSO services that support SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language). Some of the SSO services we integrate with include:

  • Onelogin
  • Okta
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory (MS Enterprise Agreement required)
  • Google Apps
  • Centrify
  • PingFederate

Contact your Account Manager to initiate the setup process for SSO on your Workable account.

Please note that this service might be quoted depending on your Workable implementation package.

We’ll provide your IT team with account-specific information. Your IT team will then need to perform set up actions in your SSO provider.

See the following documentation for setup steps in a few of the SSO tools that Workable integrates with:

When SSO is enabled, account users will only be able to sign in via your SSO provider. Learn more about the sign in process here.

Managing users

Adding users

When SSO is enabled for your account, you'll use your SSO tool to grant users access to Workable. If a coworker has access to Workable in your SSO tool, they'll be able to join the account.

Users should navigate to [yoursubdomain] Your subdomain is set when you first create your Workable account. It can be adjusted in the Company Profile section of your account, but cannot be changed after SSO has been enabled.

Make sure you share this URL with coworkers so that they can access Workable.

When users navigate to that link they will be prompted to sign in to the SSO tool and then redirected to Workable. They will automatically be signed into the account as a new member. They will not have access to interact with jobs or candidates, but they will be able to review job descriptions and refer candidates for jobs.

To update the access rights of a new user, an administrator must log in to Workable. Follow the instructions here to give users permission to help hire for specific jobs.

You also have the option to invite members directly from the Account Members page in Workable. The user will receive an email with sign-in instructions.

Users who are added through this method must have access to Workable via your SSO tool and will still need to be assigned to specific jobs after they first sign in.

Removing users

To revoke a user's access to Workable you will need to update their access rights in your SSO tool and delete them from Workable.

If Workable access is not revoked in your SSO tool then the user may be able to re-join the account and access job descriptions.