Using the Workable Inbox


The Workable Inbox will update with notifications about the candidates you've been working with. Notifications arrive in your personal inbox when:

  • A candidate sends an email (if you were the last person to email the candidate)
  • A user copies you on a message
  • Someone on your team mentions you in a comment (“@your_name”), or adds you as a follower
  • You receive a calendar invite
  • It’s nearing the end of a candidate’s ‘snooze’ period
  • A co-worker requests referrals for a job
  • A co-worker completes an evaluation or a scorecard

If you’re an account admin, you’ll also receive a notification when a member of a hiring team wants to take specific actions on a job, for example, publishing, archiving or unpublishing a job.

Notifications that appear under the Important tab will tend to require a response or action from you. Comments that you’re mentioned in, events you’re invited to, candidates’ replies to your emails and so on. Everything in the Important tab also appears in the regular Inbox tab.


  • Click on an inbox item to reply or review
  • Filter notifications based on specific jobs by clicking the dropdown menu on the left
  • Archive inbox items by clicking the down arrow to the far right
  • Include Archived items by clicking the "All items" dropdown menu in the upper right