How do I send an assessment test to a candidate?


When a candidate reaches a stage with an assessment, a new icon will appear in the toolbar across the top of the candidate’s profile.


Note: Assessments must initially be added to stages when creating or editing a job. Learn more about that process here.

Click the icon to send the test. You'll be asked to confirm and a note will be added to the candidate timeline. The test will be sent automatically.

When the results are returned, you will:

  • receive an email notification, with a link to view the results on the candidate’s timeline
  • see a link on the candidate’s Timeline to view the results on the external provider’s site
  • see the results on the candidate’s timeline in Workable

In this example, the results of a Devskiller test appear in the timeline, complete with scores for each section. A link to view the report in your assessment provider's account is also included at the bottom of the report.