Copying / moving candidates to other jobs


Occasionally candidates apply for one job but are better suited to another position. When this happens, you can copy or move a candidate to another position.

Copying a candidate means that there will be multiple profiles for the candidate in Workable: one associated with each job where the candidate is being considered. Your hiring teams can leave comments and evaluations independently on these profiles.

Moving a candidate means that you are removing them from the pipeline of one job and placing them in the pipeline of another.

To copy or move a candidate, click the more actions button in the toolbar found at the top of every candidate profile. Select Copy Candidate.


A menu will appear where you can choose (or search for) the job that the candidate should move to and then select the specific stage.


Copy / Move in Bulk

To move multiple candidates at once, select the check boxes next to their names in Qualified (or Disqualified) list.

The Bulk Actions menu will appear which contains options to copy or move candidates.