Using the job mailbox to add candidates via email


Each job you create in Workable will have a unique job mailbox email address. The job mailbox address is located in the Find Candidates section of the job editor.


As a member of a Workable account you can send candidate resumes as email attachments to this mailbox. Workable will parse the attached file and add the candidate to the Sourced step for that job. You will be listed as the uploader/source.


  1. You must send the email from the same email address that you use to login to Workable.
  2. Workable will parse all the files that are attached to the email that you send. If you send a resume and cover letter attached, then the candidate may be added twice.

Attach multiple resumes to a single email and Workable will parse each file and add individual candidates. When the parsing is complete you'll receive a confirmation email detailing the number of resumes processed and alerting you of any errors.


You can also share this email address with candidates as well. When a candidate (or anyone who is not an account member) sends a resume to this mailbox they will be added to the Applied step for that job. Their resume file will be parsed and uploaded automatically.

Any text that is included in the body of the email will be added as a comment on the candidate's profile.