Using the Candidate Sources Report


Shows all candidate sources grouped in categories. Filtered by the date the candidates were created (sourced or applied). Updates every 6 hours.

To access the report, click on the pie chart icon in the navigation bar to visit the Reports page. Use the drop-down options to filter the report and specify the desired timeframe. If you choose to export the report, you can expect to receive the file by email within a few moments. 

Hover over segments of graphs to see more details. Scroll down the page to view the data in a table. Sort the table in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column titles. 

The Views column is only visible when the time filter is set to all time, as timestamps for application form views are not tracked.


The sources for this report are broken down into the following segments:

  • Job Boards: all candidates that have entered the pipeline via a known job board
  • Company Marketing: all candidates that have entered the pipeline via your company career site or Facebook Jobs Tab
  • Referrals: all candidates who have been referred by your internal teams
  • Recruiters: all candidates who have been sourced by a recruiter listed in your Workable account
  • Sourced: all candidates that have been added via People Search, uploaded or copied
  • Other: candidates that have arrived via an alternative route not listed above

Note: You might see unknown listed as one of the sources in the Other section. This happens in situations where Workable was not able to track the original source for the application. This can occur when a candidate visits an http link from an https website, opens a link in a new tab, from a bookmark, or through a chat application (such as Slack), or uses an incognito tab.