Setting up a hiring team


As part of the process of creating a job listing in Workable you’ll see the option to build a 'hiring team' for the position. This section may be called 'Workflow' depending on how your account has been setup.


Super Admins on your account have access to every job and candidate, but do not need to be included in the hiring team if the job is not relevant to them. They can add or remove themselves from the hiring team at any time.

Other account members must be added to the job’s hiring team to have access to candidates and assist with the hiring process. If they are not on the hiring team they will not be able to see or interact with candidates for that job.


Select a user's role with the dropdown menu to the right of their name. A "Hiring Manager", for example, is someone who will be involved in all aspects of hiring for a job. A "Reviewer" is someone who will only leave evaluations and comments about candidates.

Learn more about user roles and permissions.

Add existing account members to your hiring team


If you’re adding a coworker who already has access to Workable, you’ll find them in the dropdown menu (shown above). Simply select their name and ‘Add to team’. They’ll be shown in the list of team members above, and you can choose to adjust their user role as needed.

Invite a new team member by email

Click Invite a New Member to add someone to the job who is not yet a member of your account. You’ll be asked for their email address and to choose an access level (all/standard/limited access). Workable will send them an invitation containing a unique link. Your co-worker will need follow the instructions in the email to join your Workable account. Upon doing so their name will be added to the hiring team for the job and you can adjust their user role.

Learn more about user roles here.

Recommended members annual.png

With a Workable Annual plan, hiring team members can be recommended automatically based on the department and/or location of the job. Their user role (e.g. Hiring Manager, Standard Member, etc.) will default to the option set for them in the Account Members section.

Speed up the hiring process and involve the right people every time while ensuring they have the right level of access to candidate information.


Users can be associated with departments and locations in the Account Members section of your account. If you are a Super Admin, click your user icon in the upper right of Workable and select Account Members.

Adjust departments and locations which a user should belong to as well as their default hiring team role. When you create new jobs and a user's department and location is a match, they will be recommended automatically. Click the button to 'add members to the team' to include them. Unselect the checkbox next to a user's name if they are recommended, but do not need access to the job/candidates.

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