Setting up a hiring team


As part of the process of creating a job listing in Workable you’ll see the option to build a hiring team for the position:


Admins on your account have access to every role and are part of each hiring team by default. Anyone on the hiring team will be able to interact with candidates and move them through the hiring pipeline.

Team members who are not on the hiring will not be able to see or interact with candidates for the position.

Learn more about user permissions and types.

Add existing account members to your hiring team add_member.png

If you’re adding a coworker who already has access to Workable, you’ll find them in the dropdown menu (shown above). Simply select their name and ‘Add to team’. They’ll be shown in the list of team members above, and you can choose whether to make them a hiring manager or a member.

Invite a new team member by email


Click ‘Invite New Member’ to add someone to the job who is not yet a member of your account. You’ll be asked for their email address, and Workable will send an invitation containing a unique link. Your co-worker will need to accept the invitation, which will connect their new account to this position. Their name will be added to the Team Members list and you can allocate ‘member’ or ‘hiring manager’ status.