What should I include in the job description?



  • Use common job titles
  • Advertise one job at a time, eg: ‘Nurse’, not ‘nurses’
  • Include at least 700 characters
  • Use formatting like bold headings and lists to make text easier to read
  • Avoid discriminatory language:
    • Yes: students, native-level, they
    • No: college students, native, he or she


  • Add details like salary or location to the job title
  • Include words like ‘career fairs’ or ‘help wanted
  • Add a link to apply (one is added automatically)
  • Describe more than one job, even if there is more than one opening.

If you're not sure where to start, try importing one of our job description templates. Look for the link on the right side of the job editor to do this. These pre-written templates contain descriptions, responsibilities and requirements for hundreds of jobs.