Enabling "Apply with LinkedIn" [Annual]


This functionality is available for users of Workable Annual plan.

"Apply with LinkedIn" allows candidates that are viewing your application form to more easily fill in their details.

You must have a full LinkedIn Recruiter account and be a Super Administrator in Workable to set up tracking for "Apply Starters". The option to enable it can be found in your Linkedin Recruiter System Connect once it has been set up.

To enable it, first access the Integrations menu under your profile icon in the upper right. Then, navigate to the LinkedIn section and click Setup or view existing LinkedIn integrations. In the pop up modal you will be requested to sign in to your LinkedIn account if you haven't done so, and you will then be able to request the "Apply with LinkedIn" feature.

When candidates start your application form, they will see an option to apply with their LinkedIn profile. If a candidate chooses this option their LinkedIn profile will be used to auto-populate the details on the application form.


The candidate will be able to change any of the pre-filled details and will still need to manually complete any custom application form questions that you have added.

Enabling "Apply Starters Explorer" 

Following the steps described above, you can also enable the "Apply Starters Explorer" by requesting the functionality in the Recruiter System Connect settings modal. This will help you track those candidates that clicked the "Apply with LinkedIn" button to pre-fill the details of the application form, but abandoned it before submitting.

To set this up, you must also have a full LinkedIn Recruiter account and be an administrator in Workable.

If you are a search or staffing agency, you must also select the checkbox indicating that you recruit for multiple companies, when setting the connection up. This replaces the consent text above the Apply With LinkedIn button with: "We'll share your full profile. The job poster may use it for jobs with other companies." 

Now candidates who start the application with the "Apply with LinkedIn" button, but do not complete it, will show up as "Apply Starters" in your LinkedIn account, from where you can export their profiles to Workable and reach out to them.