Using 'auto-join'


Auto-join allows anyone with an email address that matches your company name and web address to join your Workable account automatically. 

Enabling auto-join

Navigate to the Account Members section. 


Enable or disable the auto-join switch as needed. 


Switching auto-join ON will allow anyone with an email address that matches your company's web address to join your Workable account. In this example, anyone with an email address ending in "" will be able to join.

If your company's email address is not correct it can be updated in the Company Profile section of your account.

In your Company Profile, edit the Website field. In the example below, anyone with an "" address will now be able to auto-join.


Note: Users with generic email addresses like "" or "" will not be able to join via auto-join. They will need to be invited manually.

Coworkers using auto-join will not have direct access to jobs or candidates. They will be added to the account as users with Standard Access and will need to be added to the hiring team for jobs that they'll work on. Upon their first login, they will only see the job titles for which you are recruiting. They can 'ask to join' the hiring team by hovering over relevant jobs and selecting that option.

How to join an account with auto-join enabled

To join your company's account, go to Complete the signup form using your work email address. An option to join your company's account will appear.


If this option does not appear, then auto-join may not be enabled. You may need to request a manual invite from an administrator on your account.

Once you're logged in you'll see a list of jobs that your company is recruiting for. To help out with the hiring process for these jobs, hover over a job and click 'ask to join'. This will send a notification to an admin on your account letting them know about your request to join.