Using the Referrals report [addon]


This report is only available with the Workable Referrals add-on.

To see your reports, sign in to Workable and access the Reports page via the pie chart icon in the menu bar at the top of the page. There are three sections in the Referrals report.

Referrals candidates

This section shows the number of candidates from each possible channel: internal applications, direct referrals, social shares.


Direct referrals are explicitly submitted by coworkers. Social share candidates came in through a personal link that a coworker shared.

Reach per channel

This section shows the number of views (gray) and the number of candidates (blue) for internal job posts and social shares.


Referrals per employee

This section shows a full breakdown with your coworkers' names, their candidates' statistics and rewards that they have been eligible for.