Connecting your LinkedIn Company Page to Workable


Post to LinkedIn for free using Workable and connect the job post to your organization's LinkedIn Company Page for greater candidate engagement.

Perform this one-time setup to have your Published Workable jobs automatically added to your LinkedIn Company Page. Only one user needs to complete this process one time.

First, connect your Workable and LinkedIn accounts:

  • In Workable, click your user icon in the upper right and select Personal Profile
  • Scroll to the Edit Your Credentials section
  • Under Authorized Applications locate LinkedIn and click "connect your account"
  • A window will appear and you'll be prompted to sign in to your LinkedIn account to confirm the connection: Sign in

Second, confirm that you are representing your company through your LinkedIn profile:

  • On your personal LinkedIn profile, navigate to the Experience section
  • Ensure that the company you are posting for is in your Experience
  • When adding or editing Experience, you'll choose a company. Search for the company you're posting for and select it from the dropdown menu

This will ensure the Workable sends the post to the right Company Page on LinkedIn.

That's it! Jobs that are published through Workable will automatically be attached to your Company Page.