Connecting your LinkedIn Company Page to Workable


Post to LinkedIn for free using Workable and connect the job post to your organization's LinkedIn Company Page for greater candidate engagement.

Perform this one-time setup to have your Published Workable jobs automatically added to your LinkedIn Company Page. Only one user needs to complete this process one time.

The first time you publish a job on LinkedIn you will be prompted to enter your LinkedIn Company ID.

To locate your LinkedIn Company ID:

  • Sign in to LinkedIn
  • Search for your company
  • On your LinkedIn company page, select Jobs
  • In the list of jobs, locate the "See all jobs" link and click it
  • On the view of all jobs, the Company ID will be included in the URL

The Company ID is the number in the URL following "C=". In this example, the Company ID is 2666416:

Copy the number only.

There are two ways to add the Company ID to Workable. You need only perform one of these actions one time:

  • Paste the Company ID into the field when prompted during job publication


  • Click your user icon in the upper right and select Integrations
  • Locate LinkedIn in the list of Integrations and click on it
  • Paste the Company ID into the field and save the change

That's it! Jobs that are published through Workable will automatically be attached to your Company Page.