Setting the Confidential Zone


As candidates progress through the hiring process your hiring team may begin to discuss confidential or private information (e.g. salary) that certain members of the hiring team should not see. Set a Confidential Zone in your hiring pipeline to ensure that these conversations are kept private.

When a candidate is in the Confidential Zone, emails and internal comments will default to a more restricted visibility.

You must be a Super Admin to set the Confidential Zone.

Click on your user icon in the upper right of Workable and select Recruiting Preferences.


At the top of the page you will see your hiring pipeline. Just beneath the pipeline you will see a bar with a red dot. This represents the Confidential Zone. Drag the dot from the right to the left to determine which pipeline stages are included in the zone.

The Confidential Zone always starts from the very end of the pipeline and cannot have any gaps. Stages included in the Confidential Zone are marked with a red lock icon.

Note: All users on the hiring team can still see and interact with candidates who are in the Confidential Zone. However, the default visibility for comments and emails added in these stages will be automatically restricted based on the user's role.

Hiring Managers, Super Admins, Recruiting Admins

  • Comments and emails from these users will only be visible to these user roles.

Standard Member

  • Comments and emails from Standard Members will be visible to Standard Members and the above groups of users.


  • Comments and emails from Reviewers will be visible to all user types above.

External Recruiter

  • Comments and emails from External Recruiters will be visible to Hiring Managers, Super Admins and Recruiting Admins.

In the example below the comment visibility has defaulted to "Visible to Hiring Managers" because a Hiring Manager is leaving a comment. The visibility of individual emails/comments can still be adjusted to make the comment (or email) visible to more users if necessary.