What is an active job?


An active job is any job on your account that is not a draft or an archived job.

Active jobs may have a published, internal or confidential status. These are the jobs that appear on the main job dashboard when you log in.

On a Pay As You Go plan, you are charged monthly based on the number of active jobs you have. Archive jobs if you are done with the recruitment process so that you are not billed.

On several Legacy annual plans, there might be a cap on the number of active jobs you can have. For example, on a Legacy Starter 10 plan, you can have up to 10 active jobs. If you have 10 jobs and try to add an 11th, you'll need to archive one job to make room.

On some Workable Annual plans, if you are not using our Hiring Plan premium tool, your total number of used requisitions will increase when you activate a new job or re-activate an older one.

Here we have three active jobs: two published and one used internally.