Contacting Workable Support


Workable’s award-winning support is available to all accounts from our teams in the US, Europe, and Australia.

How to Contact Support

1. In Workable, click (?) in the upper right of your account and select Ask a Question to access articles or contact support via live chat or email.


2. Alternatively, use the Contact Support page in our Help Center where pending and past support requests are also available to view anytime.

Support Hours

  • Regular hours are 2:30 am - 5:30 pm ET (7:30 am - 10:30 pm GMT), Monday to Friday, excluding holidays or special events.  Chat and phone may periodically be unavailable during this time based on current demand.
  • Inquiries are handled in order of receipt, normally within 3 hours during regular hours. For more time-sensitive issues, we suggest contacting us via chat or phone when available.  Accounts enrolled in VIP Support receive priority with a one hour SLA for requests during regular hours.
  • Widespread or high-impact issues affecting Workable users are monitored 24/7 with updates posted on the Workable status page. We recommend subscribing to be notified in the case of any new incidents.

Holidays & Special Events

Please anticipate reduced coverage during the times listed below. Announcements will be published on the Help Center in advance.

Date Holiday/Event EU hours US hours
26 April Orthodox Good Friday ✔︎  
29 April Orthodox Easter Sunday ✔︎  
1 May Labor Day ✔︎  
27 May Memorial Day   ✔︎ 
3 June - 7 June Company Retreat ✔︎  ✔︎
17 June Orthodox Holy Spirit ✔︎  
4 July Independence Day   ✔︎ 
15 August  Dormition of the Holy Virgin ✔︎   
4 September Labor Day   ✔︎  
14 October Columbus Day    ✔︎ 
28 October The Ochi day  ✔︎  
11 November Veterans Day   ✔︎ 
28 November Thanksgiving   Closed 
25 December Christmas Closed Closed
26 December Day after Christmas Closed   
1 January New Years Day Closed Closed