Add new candidates to Google Contacts via Zapier


Using Workable’s Gmail integration it’s easy to email candidates from your Gmail or company Google Apps account and sync the communication with Workable.

Take that a step further with an automatic import of candidate contact details in your Google Contacts account. You can set this up via integration with Zapier.

Zapier has a free account for basic use. For heavy use there are tiered pricing options.

In this example, we created a new label (or group) in the Google Contacts account called "Candidates" so they’re easily recognizable. You can do this yourself by going to Google Contacts and clicking on 'Create Label' in the menu on the left-hand side.

To get started, sign in to Zapier and make a new Zap.

1. Set the trigger

We need to tell Zapier that when a new candidate is received in Workable (the trigger), then a contact should be created (the action).

Choose Workable as the trigger app, and then ‘New candidate’.

Connect your Workable account.

Choose your Workable account, the job (leave blank if you want all applicants to be added to your contacts) and set the stage to Applied.

2. Set the action

Search for or select Google Contacts as the action app. 

After connecting your Google Contacts account to Zapier, choose the Contact Group (based on the label you created) that candidates should be added to.

Set the information you'd like to import for each field by selecting a preset option for the fields.

3. Activate the Zap

Test the Zap and set it to ON. Now when new candidates apply they'll be added to your Google Contacts.