Sharing candidate profiles outside of Workable


You can share a candidate's profile and/or Timeline with people outside of your account. You may want to do this for reference checking or for coworkers without access to Workable to provide feedback.

To share a candidate's info with someone outside of your Workable account, click the three dots in the candidate toolbar. Select Share Candidate.


Options will appear to share by directly sending an email through Workable, or generate a link to share however you'd like.


Select the permissions that you'd like to give to the people you're sharing the candidate with.

They can add comments which will be included on the candidate's Timeline.

You can also share the candidate's entire Timeline and evaluation history. Turn 'Show timeline and evaluation' OFF if you only want people to see the candidate's resume.

Click preview to see exactly what you'll be sending to the people you'll share with.

To update or revoke access rights, click the option to 'Manage the candidate links you've shared'. 


Revoke access from specific people that you've sent candidate information to. You can also update the commenting and Timeline visibility permissions by clicking the speech bubble or list icons to the left of the link.

Access to anything that you share will expire after 1 month automatically.