Integrating your CareerBuilder account [Pro]


This integration is available with a Workable Pro or Enterprise plan, however, you can still post to CareerBuilder through Workable without setting up this integration.

To get started, navigate to the Integrations section of your account. Click your profile icon in the upper right of Workable to access this section (you must be an administrator).

From there, integrating your CareerBuilder and Workable accounts is a two step process:


Get your CareerBuilder Vendor ID from your account representative and copy it into the ‘CareerBuilder Vendor ID’ field in the Workable Integrations page

If CareerBuilder has provided you with a Company Profile Name, you can also display a company logo. Copy the Company Profile Name into the ‘Company Profile Name’ field. Otherwise, this field can be left blank

Click Update Settings to complete the integration.

Using your CareerBuilder job posting credits via Workable

Once your CareerBuilder and Workable accounts are integrated, you can post jobs to CareerBuilder using your job posting credits, directly from Workable. At the Advertise step for each job, select ‘Use your CareerBuilder recruiter account’ and click ‘Publish posting’. Alternatively, you can buy a job posting for CareerBuilder direct from Workable.