How do I attach files to a candidate's profile?


With the exception of resumes, files should be attached to comments.

Click the speech bubble icon in the toolbar on the candidate's profile. You can attach a file to a comment by clicking the paperclip icon below the comment box. 

The size limit for an individual file is 20MB. When a file has been attached and the comment is submitted, a Files tab will appear on the candidate's profile.


You may want to add files like:

  • Cover letters
  • Test sheets
  • Evaluation forms
  • Reference letters
  • Offer letters
  • Administrative paperwork

Note: To add or update the resume file for a candidate, click the three dots in the toolbar and choose Edit candidate. Scroll down to the candidate's resume and you'll have the option to add a new resume.


Supported file types:

  • png
  • jpeg
  • jpg
  • gif
  • tiff
  • pdf
  • docx
  • doc
  • rtf
  • odt
  • html
  • txt
  • xlsx
  • xls
  • pptx
  • ppt
  • zip

If a file type is not supported or if the file is to large, place a direct link to the file in a comment. Below, we added a direct link to a file on Google Drive.