Sending bulk emails to candidates


You can send emails in bulk to candidates who are in the same stage for a job.

Go to the correct stage in the pipeline (e.g. “Sourced”) containing the candidates you’d like to email. If you’re keeping your hiring pipeline tidy, you already have your candidates grouped in segments according to their suitability (e.g. disqualified, qualified).

Select the candidates you’d like to email using the checkbox by their name. A bulk actions menu will appear. Click it and select the option to Send bulk emails. This will open an email form where you can choose what you'll send to the candidates.


Bulk email works in a similar way to regular email in Workable; no matter how many candidates you’re sending to, you can use templates, attachments and all the other features you’re familiar with. Candidates will not see the other addresses that the email has been sent to - it works like BCC in a regular email.

Unlike sending a single email to one candidate, followers are not copied on bulk emails.


Visibility of bulk emails

Bulk emails retain the visibility of the most recent email that was sent to the candidate. This means that, even if sent to multiple candidates, each email will have the visibility settings of the particular Timeline. If this is the first email to a candidate, or the visibility was set to "Everyone", the visibility of the bulk email to that particular candidate will be set to "Visible to all" by default. 

If the most recent email on a candidate's Timeline has limited visibility, the bulk email sent to that candidate will also have limited visibility.

You can always update the visibility of the emails on the candidate's Timeline directly, or set the Confidential zone to keep the bulk emails private by default.

Duplicate detection

If you’re using a template to email multiple candidates (e.g. if you’ve created a personalized rejection template), Workable will detect candidates who have already received the email template, to help prevent it being sent twice.

Note: This feature will only work with templated emails. We strongly recommend creating and using templates for the most frequent types of communication.


For example, if you send out emails in bulk using a “mass rejection” template, any candidates who have received this template already will have their name highlighted in red. A link will appear to remove them. Click the link to leave only the candidates who have not yet received an email using this template.