Cloning/copying jobs


You can clone a job to create a copy of it in Workable. The job description and application form settings will carry over to the clone. Candidates in the original job will not carry over, so you'll start with a clean slate.

You may want to clone a job if you've recruited for it in the past and need to publish it on job boards again, or if you have openings for a position in different office locations.

To clone a job, locate the original job on the main dashboard.

If the job is archived, hover over it and click Clone:


If the job is active, click the three dots and select Clone job:


This will create a draft job with the job title "Copy of [original job title]". The job description, application form and assessment setup will be the same as what you set for the original post.


Click the job title to edit the job. Once "Copy of" is removed from the title then the job can be published.