What types of questions can I add to my application form?


The second half of the application form provides the option to add custom questions. All custom questions require a response from the candidate, and you can choose from the following question types:

Paragraph: these questions are designed to be answered in the form of a sentence or paragraph. Common uses include: requesting links to samples of work, assessment questions or open-ended essay-style questions.

Short Answer: limited to 128 characters, short answer questions are best-suited for cases where multiple choice options might be too lengthy or where you would like a concise, free response. Uses could include: “What is your strongest skill?”, “What is your favorite movie?”, “Describe yourself in 100 characters”.

Yes/No: select ‘Use requirements as questions’ to add the requirements from your job in the form of a “Yes/No” response. You can edit the questions that are generated or add more. You can also choose to automatically disqualify candidates based on a “No” answer or add further questions.

Dropdown: enable the user to select an answer from a dropdown menu. Use this option if there are multiple brief answers to a question, which would take up too much room on the page as a standard multiple choice question.

Multiple Choice: This question type will allow you to add multiple answer options. Choose whether only one answer can be selected or multiple answers.

Date: have the applicant select a date from a calendar menu. Common uses include: requesting a potential start date, determining a date when licensing/certification was received.

Number: this question type will only allow users to input numbers. Uses include: asking about current salary or years of experience.

File upload: ask the applicant to attach a file. This is useful for collecting portfolios or other documentation which would not be included in a resume or cover letter.