Deleting jobs


Account admins are able to delete jobs from your Workable account.

Deleting a job will remove the job and any candidates that have applied to that job from your account completely. This includes the candidate’s personal information, and the hiring team’s comments about the candidate.

There are different reasons for deleting a job. For example, because you know that you will never be hiring for a similar role or because you need to comply with data protection laws like the GDPR.

If you delete a job that has GDPR features (or candidates' right to erasure) enabled, then the deleted data, which includes all candidate information will be irrecoverable.

Before you start the process, make sure this is what you want to do. If in doubt, we suggest archiving the position, which provides more flexibility for the future.


If a job is active (not archived), open the Job Editor by clicking on the job title. Locate the Archive button at the bottom of the job description editor and click the dropdown arrow. You'll find an option to delete the job.

If a job has been archived, locate it in the list of archived jobs at the bottom of the main dashboard.


Hover over it and click the option to delete it.

Restoring a job: For assistance in restoring a job, contact us.