Hiding hired candidate details


You can restrict the timelines of hired candidates from new users on your account. You may want to do this so that new hires are not able to view the text of comments and evaluations that were left on their profile. And to protect the privacy of others at your company.

This option is on by default, but can be adjusted in the Recruiting Preferences section of your account. Only admins can adjust this setting. Navigate to your recruiting preferences by clicking your profile icon in the upper right of Workable.


Candidates that are effected:

  • Anyone in the Hired stage of any job

Account users that are effected:

  • Anyone added to your account after candidates have been moved to the Hired stage

Note: Account users will be able to see Timelines of hired candidates going forward. This feature only impacts candidates who were hired before the new user was added to your Workable account.

When a candidate's Timeline is restricted, new users on your account will see the text of the candidate's Timeline blurred out:


If you were an admin at the time the candidate was hired or if you are an admin who has been been granted access to hired candidates at a later stage, you can grant or revoke access to specific candidates' Timelines.

This candidate has been moved to a ‘hired’ stage of the Workable pipeline. As the restricted view is on by default, the ‘eye’ icon is displayed in the menu bar. Clicking the icon will reveal the account members who have access to view the full profile.


To add members, click in the panel and type their names. Those who are already members of the hiring team for this job will be auto-suggested as you type.

To remove members from this list, click the small X next to their name.