Managing the company profile


The company profile section is where you can create a branded careers page that is hosted by Workable. This careers page can be shared publicly and linked to from your website. It will include links to any positions you’ve published using Workable.

The company profile settings page is also where you can edit the name and website associated with your account.

If you’re an admin for your Workable account, you can customize your company profile from your account settings. When you log in to Workable, click your profile icon in the upper right and select Company profile.


When the account was set up, you or the first account administrator provided a company name and website address. These are pre-filled here, but you can update them when and if you need to.

Workable will host your careers site, giving you a unique web address in the following format:[subdomain]

Customize the last part of the address by entering your preferred name in the subdomain field. To brand the careers page with a logo, click Choose image to select and upload a logo from your desktop. Workable will automatically resize it to make sure it fits well with the custom themes. Please note, logos work best on a white or transparent background.

Farther down, include a little information about your company. This is where you can tell potential candidates about your company, your culture — and why this is a great place to work. You’ll get the chance to explain the specifics of job positions separately, so keep this section focussed on the company itself.


The toolbar at the top of the window provides tools for editing text. Change the font style, add bullet lists and links, and embed images or videos.

The final two icons in your toolbar are for adding images and videos.

The editor is designed for you to be able to add text and images and arrange them in a way that suits you best. Experiment by dragging and dropping images into a new position, by arranging the text to the left or right of an image, or by adding more than one image to show a collage of life at your company:


Themes and layout

When you’re happy with the content of your page, choose an appropriate colour theme and page layout. The theme and layout preview at the bottom of the page gives an indication of the colours, and where the list of open jobs will be displayed — to the right of the company profile, or at the bottom.

‘Save changes‘ when the design of your page is complete. The page you’re on will refresh and clicking ‘View your careers page‘ at the bottom right will open the careers page you’ve made in a new window. Make any further edits you need, and click save changes again. There’s no limit to the changes you can make, so it’s worth experimenting to get the page you really want.

See an example

Visit Workable’s own careers page to see an example of the way the elements all come together. Here you can see the logo at the top of the page, a simple text introduction and a collage of images uploaded as one complete image. This collage is 800 pixels wide but scales automatically to fit the page.

Other career page options

There are also other career page options to ensure that your published jobs are easily accessible to the candidates. If you already have a career page, you can embed the Workable job widget on your site. Users of the Advanced Annual plan will also have access to our open API. The API can be used by your web development team to create a custom job page from scratch.