Managing interview kit templates


Administrators can add, edit or delete an interview template by accessing the Templates section. Click your user icon in the upper right of Workable and select Templates.

All users will be able to use these templates, though only admins can create them. Add one or more interview kits to your pipeline stages so that interviewers can easily access them when it's time to evaluate candidates. 

Access the Templates section by clicking your profile icon in the upper right of Workable.

There are six different templates available by default. Scroll over each one to reveal the option to preview, edit or delete.

‘Preview’ will show the template as a scorecard, which is how the interview kits are used by teams:


Templates can be edited directly on the page. You can also start from scratch by clicking 'Add a new template' to the upper right of the templates list.


In this example:

  • ‘Business Skills’ is the title of the interview template
  • ‘Commercial Awareness’ is the skill, trait or requirement that is being evaluated
  • The bullet points are optional evaluation questions
  • Clicking 'Add another skill...' will add a new blank section

If you edit a template, any interview kits are using that template will not be updated. To apply the editing changes, the new template must be added to the job in the job editor.

Deleting a template will not impact any interview kits that have already been created. However, there is not a way to recover deleted templates. To restore a deleted template access a job that used that template and choose the option to ‘Save as new template’ to recreate a saved copy of the template.

You can also save new templates directly from the job editor.

When you’re setting up or configuring a job, you’ll see the ‘Assessments’ tab on the right of the page. Click this to create a new interview kit. As an admin, each time you save a section, you’ll also see the option to save it as a template for use by the rest of the company.


Department and location segmentation annual.png

Restrict access to templates based on a job’s department and/or location to ensure that the right teams use the right interview style.


When editing a template set the department and location fields based on your company’s structure. You can set multiple departments and locations for a single template.

In order for account members to use that template, the job they are working on must have a matching department name and a matching location.

  • If both the department and location fields are left blank then the template will be available for all jobs.
  • If either the department or location field is blank then the template can be available for any department or location respectively. E.g. a blank department with a “Boston, MA” location would mean that the template is available for all departments, but the job must be in Boston.
  • If you create a job without a department or location then you will only be able to select templates without a department or location respectively.

Set a broad location to make the template available for jobs in a big region. The location could be set to “Canada” and the template will be available to jobs in Canada, even though the job itself is likely to be in a specific office (e.g. “Vancouver, Canada”).