Additional account verification


To ensure the trust and safety of all Workable users and candidates, we take steps to verify the details of every company using Workable. This means that in cases where we are unable to fully verify business details with the information available, more information is requested to assist with this.

Note: Additional account verification is only necessary in a small percentage of cases and will be requested via email once you've published a job. 

This additional step is only required once in order to verify your business. Once the process has been completed, future jobs will no longer be impacted. Until that time, no jobs will be published to external job boards. We also reserve the right to suspend an account if the information is not provided or if the information is insufficient to complete the verification process. We will review the information and respond within 1 business day.

If additional verification is requested for your account:

  1. Take the following steps in your Workable account:

    • Connect your personal LinkedIn account under your Personal Profile 
    • Ensure you have signed up with your business email address and update if needed
    • Ensure you have entered the correct company website and update if needed
    • If our email mentioned other updates needed for your job in order to comply with job board guidelines, please ensure these are resolved
  2. Please respond to the email you received from your business email address, with the following information:

    • Your full name
    • Your job title
    • Full business name
    • Business address
    • Business phone number
    • LinkedIn company page or other business social media presence (Crunchbase, Facebook, etc.)
    • Attach a utility bill or other business documentation that includes your business address and name