Rolling out Referrals at your organization


To effectively roll out Referrals at your organization we recommend spreading the word, checking who's registered and including Referrals sign up as a task during new employee onboarding.

Let coworkers know about Referrals

To spread the word with your coworkers about Workable Referrals, send a company-wide email, chat message or digital bulletin notice.

It's important that your coworkers sign up to your Referrals account so that they can receive notifications about new jobs and - of course - submit referrals!

We've created a template that you can share with your organization to get started.

Subject line: How to refer someone for a job here (or apply yourself)


Ever seen one of our jobs advertised and thought of someone—a friend, ex-colleague or even yourself—who’d be a perfect fit? Chances are you have, but were unsure what to do next.

The answer? Use our referrals website.

Please complete this quick process to ensure you're eligible to refer people:

The above process must be performed to gain access to our referrals website.

You'll be able to:

  • See the jobs we're recruiting for
  • Submit and track referrals
  • Apply for positions internally
  • Receive notifications about new jobs

Referrals are the best way of employing more great people (like you). And, hiring great people is what makes us a success. Thank you for helping us hire more of the best!

Crosscheck the list of employees who've signed up

After you've let everyone know about Referrals, crosscheck which employees have signed up.

In Workable, navigate to the Referrals settings and click the Download button under the Referrals Members section.

A CSV file containing the names and email addresses of employees who have joined your referrals site will be downloaded. If fewer people have registered than you hoped we recommend following up:

  • Nudge individual coworkers if only a few neglected to sign up
  • Send another company-wide message to remind people to register
  • Contact department heads to ask for their assistance in getting their employees registered

The best ways to motivate coworkers to sign up are:

  • Show that the sign up is easy
  • Convey that Referrals are one of the best ways for the organization to hire
  • Outline referrals rewards (if your company offers them)

Implement in onboarding

As new employees start work, ensure that one of their first tasks is to join the referrals site. This will set them up for success early. They'll know about open roles and be able to submit referrals right away.

If you have an onboarding packet or welcome email, include instructions for sign up. Having new employees sign up when they start work will have results that pay off in the long term.