Integrating with CV-Library


You must be a Super Admin in Workable to enable integrations.

Enable this integration to use your CV-Library job slots when publishing jobs through Workable.

To set up the integration, start by logging in to your Workable account:

  • Click your profile icon in the upper right and navigate to Integrations
  • Locate CV-Library in the Job boards Integrations and click on it
  • Enter your CV-Library username, password and poster email
  • Click Update Settings 

That's it! You'll now be able to use CV-Library job slots directly from Workable.

Posting a job to CV-Library from Workable

Click on the Find Candidates button on the jobs dashboard, select Premium Job Boards, locate CV-Library and choose Use recruiter account on it to confirm that you want to use a job slot for that job. 

Once the job has been posted to CV-Library, you will be able to adjust more details under the cogwheel button, such as the Industry, Job Type, hide the salary or select whether this is a relocation offer.


Please note that the posts on CV-Library should follow several guidelines for the job posts:

  • Maximum number of bold characters is 300
  • Maximum number of italic characters is 100
  • Maximum number of bullet points is 30

If your job description exceeds the above numbers, you will see an indication in the Premium Job Boards menu and will be able to update the job post.

Note: If you need to update the job description, please keep in mind that only the changes that are done within 48 hours after the job is posted to CV-Library, will be reflected in the job post on their job board.