How do I connect to Verified First?


You must be a Super Admin in Workable to set up this integration.

Verified First is an employment verification, background and drug screening company. You can connect your Verified First account to Workable in order to initiate background, drug and other checks directly from a candidate's profile. You'll receive the results on the candidate's Timeline when check is complete.

To set up the connection, please contact your Verified First account manager or email and request an API key to integrate with Workable. Verified First team will send you the API key which is a long string of random letters and numbers.

Once you have the API key, sign in to Workable and click your profile icon in the upper right to access Integrations.

Locate Verified First in the list of integrations and click on it. Add your API key to the field that appears and save it:


That's it! Now you will be able to perform background checks and drug screening on your candidates with a few simple clicks.