Offer approval workflows [Annual]


With the Workable Annual plan, you can set up an internal approval process for your offer letters. After setting up an offer to send to a candidate, chosen hiring managers or administrators will need to approve or sign the offer before the candidate is contacted.

The entire approval process is recorded on the candidate’s profile so the team can see which stakeholders need to provide their approval or why a hiring manager rejected the offer details.

Setting up an approval workflow

You must be a Super Admin to set up approval workflows.

Click your user icon in the upper right and select Templates. Locate the Offer Templates section and edit or add a template.

In the Approval Workflow section of the template editor, you’ll create a process through which your coworkers will review and approve an offer’s details.


Click Add Approvers to create one (or more) approval groups. One person from each group must approve the offer before it can be sent.

Add users by name or by user type. For example, add ‘Admin’ or ‘Hiring Managers’. 

An approval notification will be sent to each group in succession, i.e. Group 1 must approve before Group 2 is notified and so on. 


In this example, when we're ready to send this offer template to a candidate the Administrators on our account and Alexia are notified and asked to approve.

After any one of the people in the first group approves the offer, the Hiring Managers assigned to the job will then receive a notification to review and approve the offer. Once a Hiring Manager approves the offer it will be sent to the candidate.

Click Add more approvers to add more and more groups.

Note: If the sender of an offer qualifies as an approver in any approval group, then those groups will approve the offer automatically. The sender inputs all of the offer details and verifies the information when setting up the offer. Since they have already approved the offer during creation, any step where they might have had to approve it is auto-approved.


You can also add a signer for the offer letter. The [company_signature] variable must appear in your offer document in order to add a signer. As the last step in the approval process this person will be notified to sign the document before it is sent to the candidate. That person will receive a link where they can provide their signature via HelloSign.

Using an approval workflow

Choose the offer option for a candidate in the Offer stage as normal. Enter the offer details.


If an approval workflow has been set up then the workflow will appear when you review the details. Confirm the details and click Send offer for approval, which will initiate the approval workflow.

Users in the first group will receive a notification in their Workable Inbox as well as an email. The offer details will appear in the notification/email for the approver to review. They will have an option to approve or reject.


Here, a Workable user has received an Inbox notification with all of the offer details (including things like salary, vacation time, etc.). They can hit the checkmark to approve or the X to reject the details.

If a user rejects the offer they will be asked to note a reason and the person who initially set up the offer will be notified. Any necessary updates should be made and the offer can be set up again.

After 1 person in the first group has approved the offer, then the next group is notified and so on.


As each group provides their approval the Offer section on the candidate’s profile in Workable will update. The approver from each group will be noted in the offer details with a green checkmark next to their user icon.

After all groups have approved the offer, a link to sign the offer document will be sent to the signer. The link will open the document in HelloSign where the user can provide their signature.

Once the document has been signed it will be sent to the candidate automatically.