Integrating your Seek account


You must be a Super Admin in Workable to enable integrations.

Seek is Australia's no. 1 jobs, employment, career, and recruitment site. Connect your accounts and use your prepaid Seek job credits to post jobs directly via Workable. Only one Workable user needs to perform this process one time to enable the integration for all users.

To set up the integration, start by contacting the API Support team at Seek:

  • Send an email to with your Seek account number and a request to authorise Workable to post jobs and fetch candidates from your Seek account. Their team will respond with your Seek ID.

Then, sign in to your Workable account:

  • Access the Integrations page by clicking your profile icon in the upper right
  • Locate Seek in the list of Job board integrations and click on it
  • Copy the ID code from the email into the Seek ID field on this page.
  • Click Update Settings to complete the integration.


That's it! Your accounts will now be connected.

The email you receive from Seek will also contain your Standout ID. To add your company logo to every job ad you place on Seek, copy your Standout ID into the Seek Standout ID field, also found on the Integrations page, and click Update Settings.

Publishing jobs to Seek from Workable

When your accounts are integrated using the Seek ID, you can publish jobs directly to Seek from your Workable account via the job’s Find Candidates page in the Premium Job Boards section.

Unlike other job boards, Seek job posts don’t link to Workable’s application forms. Instead, you can modify your Seek job posts directly from Workable by integrating Seek’s customizable features.

Posting with your custom template

To set up an application form, request a custom ad template within Seek. Once that’s set up, you’ll be able to adapt any job you post from Workable to your custom Seek template, using the Template ID that corresponds to your custom layout.

To apply this layout to the jobs you post from Workable, select the cog icon that will be shown in the top right corner of the Seek box on the Find Candidates page of your job – it will be shown in place of the small ‘i’ icon.

Now add your Template ID to the field in the cog’s dropdown menu. Your post will be instantly updated with your custom layout.


Including a questionnaire in your Seek job post

To include a questionnaire in your Seek job post, you’ll need to create a screening questionnaire in the 'Tools' section of your Seek account. You’ll then receive a Screen ID. Copy the Screen ID and then access the job editor in Workable. Under the Find Candidates step of the job editor in the Premium Job Boards section, paste the Screen ID into the field for Seek. Click the option to update the post and the questionnaire will be successfully added.

Add a preview sentence and selling points to your Seek job post

You can add a preview sentence and up to three "selling points" to your job post from the Premium Job Boards page in Workable.

The preview sentence should provide a short explanation of the job and what it entails. For your selling points, enter up to three brief lines that highlight why prospective candidates should be excited about the job. The preview sentence and selling points will appear in the job post preview.


Connect a published job on Seek to Workable

If you posted a job on Seek before setting up the Workable integration, you can use Workable to add your candidates to the pipeline automatically:

  • In Workable, access the job editor by clicking the job title on Jobs Dashboard, or click Find Candidates button on the right of the job you need to connect
  • On the bottom of Find Candidates tab, you’ll find the job shortlink. The characters (usually letters and numbers) after the last ‘/’ in the link make up the job ID. Select and copy these characters:


  • Go to your Seek account and click into the ad from the Jobs page.
  • Click on the Edit button, continue through to the Details page and scroll down to Application email preferences.
  • FInd the section titled Add a reference number and paste the copied Job ID into the field.

Now Workable can match the job in Seek to the one in your Workable account, and will start fetching your candidates.

To collect candidates from multiple job ads in Seek into a single job in Workable, enter the same Job ID into the ‘Internal ref. no.’ field of each ad in Seek, adding +1, +2, etc. at the end (e.g. 93B893A87A+1, 93B893A87A+2).