Deleting candidates


Important: Manually deleting a candidate will delete their profile from your Workable account. Timeline information like evaluations and comments, as well as profile information like contact details, resume files and any other information will be deleted. The candidate will also be removed from your reports. Deleted candidates may not be recoverable.

There are different reasons for deleting a candidate. For example, because you know that they will never be suitable for a role at your organization, or because you need to comply with data protection laws like the GDPR.

To delete a candidate, click the three dots in the candidate toolbar. Select Delete Candidate. You'll be asked to confirm the deletion.


If a candidate has applied for multiple jobs they will have unique (but linked) profiles for each job. Deleting a candidate will only delete the profile you are currently looking at. The candidate will still be available in your account for any other jobs they've applied for.

To ensure that a candidate has been fully deleted, an admin should run a search for their name in the search box in the upper right of Workable. If there are search results for that same candidate, open those profiles and delete them following the same steps above.

Bulk deletion

To delete candidates in bulk, click the Select all option in the candidate browser for a stage (or click the checkbox next to individual candidates). Click the Bulk actions menu and select the option to delete candidates.


You’ll be asked to confirm the deletion. Upon confirming, the candidates and all their data will be completely removed from your account.