How do I leave an internal comment?


To leave a comment, click the speech bubble icon at the top of the candidate's profile. This will open a comment box on the candidate's Timeline. Candidates will never see comments that you add.


Comments can also be left when:

  • a referral is made; the referrer can add a comment
  • when you share the profile with someone outside of your account; the person who you share the profile with has the option to add a comment
  • when the job mailbox is used to submit a resume; the text in the email will be added as a comment from the sender

How comments can be used

Sharing information:

  • Links to online portfolios or social profiles
  • Quotes from members outside the hiring team who’ve offered an external review of the candidate
  • Feedback from reference-checking or verification
  • Interview availability and scheduling info
  • Adding tags

Uploading Files:

You can attach a file to a comment by clicking the paperclip icon below the comment box. 

The size limit for an individual file is 20MB. When a file has been attached, a Files tab will appear on the candidate's profile.


You may want to add files like:

  • Cover letters
  • Test sheets
  • Evaluation forms
  • Recorded phone screens
  • Reference letters
  • Offer letters
  • Administrative paperwork

Requesting feedback:

‘@mention’ a member of the hiring team with a request to complete a hiring task. Type the '@' symbol in the comment box and the names of all hiring team members will appear. Click to select by name or continue typing their name.


Add any extra details to the comment. The person who was mentioned will receive a notification in their Workable inbox. If the mentioned user has enabled email notifications in their Personal Profile they will also receive an email. Users can reply directly to these emails to add their own comments without needing to login to Workable. 

Private discussions / private file uploads:

If you’re a Super Admin, Recruiting Admin or Hiring Manager for a job, you can hide sensitive comments from other collaborators. Click on ‘visible to everyone’ to reveal the menu. Uncheck specific user types to hide comments from those users: 


After posting the comment, the visibility will be listed under the commenter's name. If you need to change the privacy settings on the comment (whether to allow more or less visibility), click on the 'Visible to' audience. When you set the visibility on a comment, this will become the default visibility option for your comments about that specific candidate.

The visibility setting will also apply to any files that are attached to the comment.


For ease of use and consistency, set a Confidential Zone in your hiring pipeline. Pipeline stages within the Confidential Zone will limit the default visibility for comments and emails to the user's level.