What information do I receive from a background check through Checkr?


Checkr provides modern and compliant background checks for global enterprises and startups in US. There are different packages to choose from when running a background check via Workable's Checkr integration. If you're not sure where to start, we recommend two in particular:

Standard Pro
Identity Verification Identity Verification
Sex Offender Registry Check Sex Offender Registry Check
Global Watchlist Check Global Watchlist Check
National Criminal Records Check National Criminal Records Check
County Criminal Records Check
(1 County)
County Criminal Records Check
(Unlimited Counties)

The Pro option will run a check in each of the counties a candidate has lived in. The Standard option will run a check in the county the candidate currently lives in.

Other Checkr background check packages include:

Employment Verification:

  • Searches available industry databases and may use email/phone details to verify information about the Consumer's current employer 

Education Verification:

  • Searches available industry databases, school registrar and Consumer provider documents when necessary

Employment Pro:

  • Includes everything from the Pro package and the Employment and Education Verification packages

Driver Standard:

  • Includes everything from the Standard package, plus a motor vehicle records check (MVR)

Driver Pro:

  • Includes everything from the Pro package, plus a motor vehicle records check (MVR)
Note: Motor vehicle reports within the state of Pennsylvania are not available through Workable and the state of Pennsylvania requires a signed affidavit to release MVR information.

After a candidate consents to a background check and the check has been completed, you’ll receive a notification in your Workable Inbox, and on the candidate’s Timeline (examples shown above). You’ll be able to view and download the report in the Background Check section of the candidate’s profile.

The report will be marked as Clear or Consider.


When a Checkr report is marked Clear

If a report has been marked as ‘clear’, it means that nothing of concern has been uncovered in the investigation. The candidate has been verified and there is no known reason why your company should not continue with the hiring process.

When a Checkr report is marked Consider

If a report has been marked as 'consider’, it means that the investigation has found something that your company may wish to consider before they proceed with the hiring process.

The factors that may prevent someone from being hired vary from job to job and employer to employer. Your decision to hire will be based on your company policies and the laws and regulations that govern the role for which you are hiring. Items in the background check marked ‘consider’ are there to facilitate the decision—not the make the decision on your behalf.

Visit the EEOC or US Small Business Administration sites for more information on hiring and employees with criminal records