Comparing careers page options


With Workable, you can select one of the three options to build your careers site and attract candidates to apply for your jobs. All options will automatically update when you post new jobs or remove existing ones from your account.  

Careers Page
Workable Widget Custom
with API
 Available on All plans All plans Advanced Annual 
Where to find Company profile section Company website section in Integrations page  Generate access token in Integrations page
Web address Workable hosted domain with customizable subdomain:[subdomain]
 Your own website's address Your own website's address 
Implementation Provided with the account by default, place a link on existing website (eg: view open positions) Auto-generated code that once pasted to your website inherits its formatting (font, color, etc) Front end development needed using the API documentation
Customization Select main color, your own logo and company details (text, images, links, videos) Grouping & listing by location or department, further customizable with CSS Limitless; either built entirely from your team or by Workable's developers
Why choose this option? Fully functional careers page within minutes with minimum setup requirements   Easy to implement by anyone with no coding experience and takes on your website's look automatically Maximum flexibility, full control over formatting and content, can be built from scratch by your team or have it made by Workable  


Visual examples

Branded Careers Page: check out Workable's own careers page as an example. 

Custom with API:  visit the careers section of Workable's website.

If you prefer Workable's development team to build a custom careers page for your company, contact us or speak with your Account Manager to get started.