Comparing careers page options


With Workable, you can select one of the three options to build your Careers site and attract candidates to apply for your jobs. All options will automatically update when you post or remove jobs in your account. 

Workable-hosted careers page

This is the basic option for setting up a careers page. Workable will host a sleek and professional page that will update automatically as you publish and unpublish jobs. You can link to the page from your own site.

Since the page is hosted by Workable, the link will look like: 


You can customize this page (and the subdomain link) in the Company Profile section of your account. Learn more.

View an example here.

Embedded job widget

This is the recommended option for setting up a careers page. The job widget can be added to any page on your website by simply copying and pasting a few lines of code. You can customize the widget to suit your house style. You'll have greater customization options, more control over the careers page content and it will all be under your website domain.

You can access the job widget by navigating to the Integrations section of your account, then clicking on Company Website. Learn more.

Workable API 

API access is only available for accounts on the Workable Annual plan.

If you have completely free access to the code on your company website (and know how to use it) Workable’s API allows you to retrieve your job data directly from the system. Grab only the information you need, and style it to fit within your own visual guidelines.

You can generate an API key in the Integrations section of your account. API documentation can be found here.