Email integration with Gmail


If your company uses Gmail or Google Apps, you can connect them to Workable to sync communication with candidates.

This means you’ll be able to track all candidate communication on the candidate timeline, giving you a full record of events for reference.

The benefits of Gmail integration:

  • Customize the subject line for all your emails.
  • CC your coworkers in emails to candidates (even if your coworker isn’t signed up to Workable)
  • Reply to emails from candidates via your Gmail inbox. There’s no need to sign-in to Workable, the conversation will still be synced into the candidate’s profile.
  • Workable emails will be sent through your Gmail account, appearing under 'sent items' in your inbox
  • Import all your existing communication into Workable: You can import conversations with candidates started in Gmail into the candidate’s profile so that all the information you need is gathered in one place. Just “expand” your candidate’s timeline and you’ll find the Import button at the bottom:


After importing the conversation once, new messages in the same conversation will be automatically imported.

Setting up the integration

Gmail integration is set up via your Recruiting preferences section; access to recruiting preferences is given to account administrators only. Click your profile icon at the top right of the menu to reveal a dropdown menu and access recruiting preferences. Scroll down the page until you reach ‘Email and calendar integration’. Select 'G Suite' and then turn the Gmail switch to ON. Save the changes.



Connect your Gmail/Google account to Workable

With the connection enabled, when you or anyone else on your account try to email a candidate, they’ll be prompted to connect their own Google account:


Click ‘connect’ and you’ll see your account name and a request for access. When you’ve granted access you’ll see the extra options available when you compose your first email:


Note: If you use Google Apps, make sure users can connect their accounts properly by asking your company’s Google Apps administrator go to Apps > Google Apps > Settings for Google+ > Advanced Settings in Google and verify that the “Allow apps to access the Google+ APIs” option has been enabled.